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Thoughts Of Christmas

As Christmas comes around once more
Our mind goes back in time,
To that first Christmas long ago
When so bright a star did shine.

It shone brightly down upon the earth
Showing man the way,
To find the Baby Jesus
That God sent to us that day.

Peace on earth goodwill to men
Angels sang that Heavenly night,
As a choir sang Hosanna
And the Eastern star shone bright.

The wise men followed that same star
Right to the manger bed,
Where only straw was placed inside
To rest the Baby’s head.

But as the lights all glitter
And shoppers hurry by,
Such little thought is given
To that tiny Baby’s cry.

Our time is filled with warping gifts
For giving and receiving,
With little time to think about
The first Christmas and its meaning.

As you and I run here and there
Preparing for that day,
How often do we think about
That Baby in the hay.

God gave the greatest gift of all
And this should be our reason,
To remember our Lord Jesus birth
At every Christmas Season.

Rev. Marie Yvonne.




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