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Meditation Moments for Feb. 4th, 2019;

There are times in everyone’s life when we become angry and we let our emotions become so overwhelming that we lose all sense of reason and suddenly we are saying things that we should never say..Then all of a sudden reality strikes and we are filled with shame and remorse, wishing we could retract the angry and hurtful things that we said.When we start realizing how disrespectful those words were, we shamefully begin to wonder if we even damaged our relationship with God. But God reassures us in his word that we don’t have to fear because he is always with us even when we are at our worst. He knows where our hurt comes from We sometimes forget that God is strong enough to bear what we say and handle our weakness. He is Devine, we are human, so go to him in confidence, he is always ready to forgive.

May God Bless You


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