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EMMI Social Group Phase 2 of 4

The Interdenominational Association of Churches Ministry ended their web hosting at but still present on the web via the new Social Groups website at

EMMI Social Group?

  • EMMI Social Group is a new cool Christian and Interfaith Social Network with the social features people love.
  • EMMI Social Group emphasizes social sharing where people can be their true, authentic selves.
  • EMMI Social Group members own their data.
  1. EMMI Social Group is easy-to-use feature people love for connecting with friends, family, and common interest groups.
  2. EMMI Social Group members enjoy total control over what they share, along with full ownership of their content and data
  3. EMMI Social Group members see every post, chat, comment, etc., made by individuals, pages, and groups connected within true timeline order.

How can EMMI Social Group be free and make money?

EMMI Social Group is free. We are a participant in the Associate’s Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to allow us to earn fees by linking to affiliated sites.

Which devices is EMMI Social Group available on?

EMMI Social Group is a WordPress hosting and is available on your favourite Android or iOS smartphone, as well as on all desktops and tablets.

What content can I share on EMMI Social Group?

  • At EMMI Social Group, you can safely share photos, videos, documents, chats, gifs, and more. You can communicate in private groups with your contacts, friends, family, co-workers and open groups with others.
  • EMMI Social Group members with whom you share a common interest or hobby.

What are the features of the EMMI Social Group?

  • Post Pictures, Video, Audio and File, Messages
  • Request Friendship
  • Request joint a group
  • Friends List
  • Members List
  • Group List
  • Read Posts by Users
  • Read Comments
  • Read Activities

EMMI Social Group is a Christian social network with features that give you total control.

Please Note:

The EMMI Christian Social Groups Network is done by people of the Christian faith, but the groups are to be used in non-religious content, it is set up to have fun among friends.

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