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What We Do

The WordPress sites that we exploit are mainly to have an online presence.

The blogs are used to attract people interested in our works and read our pages; since November 2020, this part is not working too well.

Little Stats as April 15, 2021:

We are only at 25% of our import sites to one of our WordPress.

Total of pages: 208

Total of posts: 3309

Total of visitors: 3908

Count of views: 6374

Total of followers: 173

Who we are:

We are in Canada a Community Chaplaincy with five members, one chaplain, three board members, one admin cleck, and a hundred and six regular virtual members and seventy height churches members of the association in different countries.

An Interdenominational churches Association

An Academy of Christian Studies

The sites are for all Christians from far left to extreme right. To avoid confusion, we have three WordPress blogs/sites:

  1. is for all Christians of the left, mainly Unitarian and Progressive Catholic.
  2. is for all moderate to fundamentalist Christians
  3. is for our photos, and we use the blog for the Abrahamic faith, including posts of other religions as well.

Our Posts

Our posting is especially for our students. The way we work is students read, view our posts, books or movies as homework, and then we discuss them in class, and we add our theology our philosophy to it. 95% of our posts are used in that way. The remaining 5% is for information only and some related to the Chaplaincy.

Example: American Politics, or event Canadian Politics we know so little, so we do not touch them.

Our Job is to inform (The Blogs) and teach. 

For this, we have few ways:

  • The Footsteps of Jesus Seminary and Bible Academy our graduate work for churches that do not require a university degree.
  • We partner with Vision International University.
  • We offer the Canadian Haverstime Bible Academy for Bible study for free at our Virtual Online Church at Faithlife.
  • Christian Unitarian Classes for our leaders and workers
  • And at last, our class in worship, including our paranormal discussion related to our posts at Thomas-Judas blog.

The Spiritual Classes

We provide comprehensive teaching to encourage your spiritual growth via a continuous multi-media presentation, and along the way, written exams and compliant certificates are giving to our students.

We consider ourselves Christian, and as such, we use The Bible, a book that has influenced the course of world history. Be aware that our studies are Biblical and general knowledge in science, history, geography, metaphysic, and we also cover our main topic, the PARANORMAL.

And a view on GOD and gods, religions, the soul, a new definition of sins, and the end of time will also be practicing meditation.

A note on Copyrighted posts


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