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Interdenominational Assembly of Churches

Eric Michel Ministries International operating under Interdenominational Assembly 0f Churches, an association of Churches and Para-Churches, including members of the clergies and elders or directors.

  • We are open to all Bible Christians from the left to the right.
  • We are using services from Faithlife, Facebook, Workplace, G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 and Quickbooks.
  • The Most Important Tools “The Bible”.

From a union of these denominations:

  1. The Chaplaincy, a not-for-profit religious corporation of the Methodist Nonconforming
  2. New Hope Ministry & Missions of Independent Baptist
  3. Eric Michel Pentecostal Ministry
  4. Christian Evangelical
  5. Independent Catholic Theology
  6. Christian Unitarian
  7. Secular Buddhism

Phone: 6137774650


Twitter: @RevEricMichel

IAoC Website:

Church Group for Members and Followers

Facebook Page:

The Rt. Rev Marie Yvonne is:

  • The Co-Founder of the Chaplaincy of Eric Michel Ministries International and Founder of New Hope Ministry and Missions Independent Baptist
  • President of the House of Bishops and
  • Co-Founder of the Interdenominational Assembly of Churches (Churches and Para-Churches association)

Abp. Eric Michel


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