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I have been asked “What is our beliefs”?

We believe in Unity, in uniting all as one. In the Science of Mind we read that reason declares that which is infinite cannot be divided against itself. The infinite is, therefore indivisible and consequently a Perfect Unit.

It was through the Unity of Spirit that Jesus prayed, this tells us that God is within man as well as throughout all creation.It is the thread of all sustaining beauty which runs through all and unites all.”His lines have gone out into all places” ” There is no place where God is not.

“All life is bound together by one common law of love,and love is the Self- Givingness of Spirit. We must all come to sense this marvelous Presence, for this is the secret of successful metaphysical work.God in all and through all.” This makes for true unity. And this is our goal to bring all together in perfect Unity through the Love that God has put in each of us to share.

Rt. Rev. Marie Arnold, New Hope Ministry & Missions Independent Baptist
Member of the Interdenominational Assembly of Churches under EMMI.


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