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Please Give Credits

I’m answering to this comment:

From: former

Comment on: Abp. Eric Michel, What Is The “Abp.”?

Ηell᧐, i think that i saw yoᥙ visited my blog so i came to “retuгn the favor”.I am trying to find things to enhаnce my weЬ site!Ι ѕuppose its ok to use ѕome of ʏour

REM: Thank you for your comment

NO, it is not ok to use mine, you need to do like me with other post owners ask permission to use or it state on the site you can reproduce with proper referrals.

  1. Ask permission
  2. Tell me were it will be posted, I need to know if we share to same view.
  3. Give credit: Post by Archbishop Eric Michel at
  4. You always can re-blog my posts

Abp. Eric Michel


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