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Facebook Friends

Facebook friends or Facebook unknown friends are members of the third world looking for money, Pastors, Bishops, Orphanages and Non Governmental organizations (NGOs).

First, they ask you to be a friend, not knowing anything about you, at first chat they ask, “where are you from?” My reply is, “you asked me to be a friend; you should know where I am…”
I like to be easy on them, so I post my profile picture with my country flag, that doesn’t work.

The problem comes from the cellular sales business, which gives them free Facebook access and can’t get them anywhere else.

Second, they use only the Messenger app; that is why they know nothing about you.

I land up with thousands of friends, very few followers; if you like them to be part of your group, you have to enter them one by one in your group. Some will ask but are not related to a church, other will join only to post their own propaganda, no chat or interaction with other members. Time to time you will see a blue thumb, in the group, profile or page that’s it.

Then the other question, can you support me? I explain that we have an organization with a committee that takes care of it at the general assembly.

After three years, 2017, 2018, 2019, all virtual meetings using different platforms, no one shows up from one day up to two weeks.

Then they disappear forever, and others take their place and go to the same situation, nowhere.

This blog was inspired by a Facebook post of another pastor who wrote, friends, I can be, but requesting money not, for now, maybe later.

You cannot imagine working preparation involved in a Symposium that includes the General Assembly. The paperwork, the contacts, the emails, the tech part, etc., for at least 60 up to 100 virtual members, and wait and wait and wait for nothing.

See: Distribution of money to our church partners

I have three Facebook accounts, one for the church with real members, one for my personal life, and the other one for them, the thousands of beggars.

PS: They are not all like this kind of friends, some genuine, but they are at 95% only reason to be on their friends list, also the big thing is to tag you in their posts, to have some credentials. I try to remove them, but Facebook doesn’t accept that, it says unexpected behavior and log you off or froze your account for few days.

Abp. Eric Michel


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