Christian Heretic: Jesus Had Only 6 Apostles

According to Reza Aslan, Jesus the Messiah, had only 70 followers, in YouTube video on Jesus The Zealot.

According to Bart D. Ehrman the bible was copied and re-copied many times, and was clair from other sources that the story was change, embellish, even sentences and paragraph added to complet a Christian theology over a Jewish one.

List of the Apostles as identified by me:

  1. Judas or Jude brother of Jesus who is his twin or other name Thomas
  2. James second brother of Jesus 1st leader of Jesus movement.
  3. Cephas or Peter third brother of Jesus became leader of Jesus movement when James die.
  4. John
  5. Bartholomew
  6. Matthew
  • Andrew according to Robert Eisenman this is a Grec name, he never existed
  • Philip according to Robert Eisenman this is a Grec name, he never existed
  • Only one James
  • Jude, Judas and Thomas same person

We need to add an other one, the Apostle of the Apostle, Mary of Magdala

The New Testament describes James, Joseph (Joses), Judas (Jude), and Simon as brothers of Jesus

  1. James Brother Apostle
  2. Joseph (Joses) Brother and probably to young to be Apostle
  3. Judas (Jude) Brother the twin and Apostle
  4. Simon who is Peter Brother Apostle

Abp Eric Michel

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