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Understanding Metaphysics In Our Everyday Life

Metaphysics can be applied to every area of life. Thoughts can become so powerful along with feelings and images when we are young that we can actually believe that we have lived them. Metaphysics is a heart connection and is essential to personal happiness and success. We also have a heart connection with the earth which is essential for human survival. Our ego mind is dualistic in nature. If we ask for health then we are admitting that we are ill, if we ask for wealth we must be admitting that we are living in poverty. Metaphysics is about learning to recognize false fear-based beliefs and replace those with self-love. The heart is actually a center for consciousness and intelligence, it is the connection of our mind to Spirit. If we want to be truly happy and peaceful, healthy and prosperous then we must learn to make that connection. Some people follow a system of rituals and practices such as meditation that help to detach them from mundane activities and live a spiritual life.Now that we have discovered that meditation can improve our lives let us look at how you can attract and maintain prosperity. Some people measure prosperity by the amount of money they have while in actuality it is so much more. It also includes love, health, and happiness. In order to attract these things to us, we have to have an attitude of continued expectancy. Our mind should always be open to new ideas, inspirations, and intuitions flowing from the mind of Spirit because Spirit or our Higher Power is our only true source of supply and prosperity. We can always discover greater prosperity by keeping our mind open and receptive and clear by focusing on what is the truth, it is by knowing the truth and keeping our focus on the Spirit within that we find the peace which leads to prosperity and positive and happy life. We can know that we have the Spirit within through meditation, we are assured that He is the central core of our being and mind, producing the greatest positive attitude for achieving prosperity. We must do away with every negative thought and affirm that with this High Power within us we are already prosperous and living a fulfilled and happy life the way that it was always meant to be.

By Rev. Marie Yvonne


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