Do you try to be all things to all people?

You will discover that you can’t.

Do you often feel that you are being pulled in all directions, have you been wishing for some time away from all the insanity, then this message is for you. Don’t get trapped into thinking that you are the only one that can do all that has to be done and that it must be done immediately.

Take a step back and refocus. Who’s job is it to plan your day, yours or God’s?

Have you ever stood out of the way and just let things flow in sequence as they should?

Life can be a beautiful thing if we just learn not to push it. We need to learn to slow down and enjoy the beauty and tranquility that surrounds us.

We cannot do that as long as we allow ourselves to be pushed here and there in the frenzy of the demands of the day to day world. Take a little time each day for meditation, just be silent before the Creator and enjoy the solitude that you will find there.

It is time to free yourself from everything that causes you stress, and holds you captive, and decide what your priorities are, what is truly important in your life.

God gives you strength and wisdom to make those choices and He takes care of the rest.

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